Monday, December 28, 2009

Study, study...distraction!

Hopefully you've notice I've decided to arrange a layout for my blog. Once upon a time, long ago I would have made the layouts myself but I have neither the time nor the creativity any longer to do such things. So I found this nifty little thing from another blog that I found on the blogger note. Cute.

I'm not exactly the pinkish-girl type, and actually I totally abhor the color, but I absolutely love cute things. Being raised by only boys kinda makes you that way. I've always been the tomboy type, except the fact that I never could get over anything that was absolutely adorable. In the past two years I've been living here in the confines of the Netherlands, I found that my tastes in things has drastically changed...well not drastically but just enough for me to realize that I never would have gone to the retail store and point at something saying " Oh em gee. That's really cute!".

So many things have been going on lately, it's mind-boggling really. Last week I had my jaw surgery and it's almost a week later and I'm still recovering. Maybe I'll make pictures when my face totally heals. Right now I have problems facing myself in the mirror because I look like a huge balloon.
Here's my baby niece; she's about 7 weeks old now, and still really feisty with a voice to match!

And there she is, little Sarah Hina S. She's so big now and absolutely huggable. Mash'Allah.

In other news, the Shia's are going on again with their procession holiday. I have nothing against Shia's as one of my close friends is one (although not of the similar sect), but I just think this holiday of theirs is really strange (for lack of using other words). Hurting myself to feel someone's pain is not really my ideal holiday event.

But then again, I'm just saying.
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