Sunday, March 7, 2010

Brother, why so serious?

Today's (very short) lesson:
Why we must unite as Muslims before we expect non-Muslims to listen to us.

There's a really big problem with Muslims these days, and no one (Muslims) seems to be doing anything about it. Many of us are trying way too hard to convince the other party that our religion is the one true religion, especially when we, ourselves, have not even convinced each other. There is a hadith that mentions there will be 71 types of Jews, 72 types of Christians, and 73 types of Muslims. Of all these, only the one true Muslim will go to the Jannah (Heaven) whilst the others enjoy the repeated burning of Hellfire.

Many Muslims have gone astray. But whose to blame? We can say it's the fault of the Western influence, but that's all too easy. Allah (subhana wa ta'ala) strictly says that every man or woman is entirely responsible for his or her own actions. Therefore the individual is to blame. Islam itself cannot and will not ever be reformed as many have suggested, and if it was reformed that would be the day I believe total chaos will break loose.

There are so many sects of Muslims that it is hard to keep track. And when a few Muslims loose their way, it suddenly reflects upon the whole deen. The Qur'an strictly warns us against the seperation of the Muslim people stating that Allah has joined our hearts and allowed us mercy so we shouldn't seperate or be like those who came before us.

And many (even Muslims) do not know that the "Deen" that is spoken about in the Qur'an is refering to ALL mankind, not just the Muslims.

"And We have not sent you (O Muhammad ) except as a giver of glad tidings and a warner to all mankind, but most of men know not." (Surah Saba' [Sheba], 34:28)

The Prophet (Rasul) was sent as a messenger to ALL of us. Not just the Muslims. Therefore we all need to do our best  to support one another, and not just those we believe should be given help. Let us work hard to do da'wah not only to our non-Muslim neighors, but our fellow Muslims as well.

JazakAllah Khair
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