Saturday, January 9, 2010

Skies are blue, trees are green.

Six and a half months till game time  nikah. So because it's like half Pakistani's and Surinamese on the groom's side, I'm pretty sure they're expecting me to be the depressed-looking blushing bride. Cannot.Do.It. If it's my wedding, come on. Don't expect me to sit their quietly and look like someone just died - "Oh my life is over!" Seriously. Why can't we bust this out the Arabic way? If everyone thinks Arabs are serious-indifferent people, you honestly haven't been to an Arabic wedding. They like to party hard. Search up some videos on Youtube or something. I honestly expect my wedding to be miraculous. Well, no that's an over-statement really. Since the groom's side does most of the planning I can't expect much. I actually just want to get it over with, because it's so annoying to wait for it. Anyways.

I'm currently working slowly on another post about the Muslim community. I just had some thoughts about how we're always trying to tell others about Islam when we can't even convince each other of our own deen. A bit sad and frustrating to me, but yeah.

Over the past few days I read over some blogs of Muslimahs making their own abayas and I really wanted to try it myself. The last time I sewed anything was when I was about 15 or 16 though. Wonder if I still know what I'm doing! So I'm gonna try it - but instead of an abaya I wanted to try to make a simple yukata or kimono first. Since it's part of my many cultures culture, I decided I would create something more close to home. I could also make a Vietnamese-style outfit, but that's way too complicated for my level. I'll just buy the wedding one for the third day of my nikah. For those who don't know, yukata is a very simpler very of kimono, which is made specifically for wearing in the hot summer days. I also saw someone put a layout for "kimono" on their website next to abaya, but the layout was all wrong. I'm extremely picky about things being correct when it comes to culture. The layout that they put was more of a Chinese-styled robe. Example:

They call this kimono on one site. This is not kimono. This is closer to the Chinese style.

This is kimono, and this is the kimono/yukata layout. It's much different from Chinese-style robe. So if anyone wants to make it, feel free to take this pattern. :)

Well it's breakfast time!
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